Welcome to Alight

With Alight, you migrate to Amazon Connect in record time, with a breakthrough environment and a true Agile methodology that builds user trust from the very start.

Say hello to dramatically faster and cheaper migrations, much lower risk and disruption and happier users. All on a platform that makes it easy for you to keep the contact center in sync with the business and deliver future enhancements.

Migration Simplified with Alight

Alight is built on AWS and Amazon Connect
If you can build it in Amazon Connect, you can build it in Alight
Only faster, cheaper and with less risk

Migrate Without Disruption

Alight was built to migrate enterprise centers with well established operations without disruption. That’s why real world best practices and legacy behaviors are configurable through Alight.

Congestion detection, overflow queues, callback, zero out to agent, premium treatment, and much, much more are a click away.

Suitable Even for the Largest Deployments

Don’t let Alight’s simplicity fool you. The more complex the deployment, the more you need Alight. Alight ensures you deployment remains easy to work with regardless of scale.

And with Alight zones, you “divide and conquer” your migration. Zones are fully independent virtual contact centers that share a common Amazon Connect instance.

After Deployment, Keep Improving Safely

Migration is only the first step.

Alight provides a safe environment to experiment, change, get feedback, and deploy without impacting your operation. It’s the perfect platform to keep your operation in sync with the changing business needs.

From Spreadsheet to Production

Map the Current IVR, Transfer to Alight, Review, Refine.

  • Call the existing IVR and build a call path spreadsheet that includes the current prompts.
  • Transfer the spreadsheet into Alight forms.
  • Deploy. You now have a “like-for-like” first pass migration covering from call connect to agent accept.
  • Working interactively with stakeholders, configure the per queue treatment, exception handling and call recording settings.
  • For functionality not covered by Alight’s app library, create your own Alight actions using Amazon Connect skills.

Alight Features

Alight delivers on the promise of simplicity through innovation to provide a low friction migration experience in record time. 

Actions and Models

Amazon Connect is transformed into a no-code/low-code experience that lets you run truly Agile.

Alight Deploy

Say goodbye to 3 am rollouts with zero downtime deploy, instant rollback, and dev/prod environments.

Always Understandable

Alight’s self-documenting models keep deployments trivial to understand regardless of scale.

Alight Queues

Amazon Connect queues are transformed into advanced configurable enterprise queues embodying treatment best practices.


Split the monolithic Amazon Connect deployment into business oriented, independently built, managed and role secured zones.


Build for one language, support all your other languages with zero additional work.


Alight plugins dramatically streamlines integration with other platforms.

Alight Control Panel

The Amazon Agent panel is enhanced with variable display, recording control, hot links and more. 

No-Code Agent Automation

Build screen pops and agent hotlinks without code. Use filters to pinpoint the automation.

Conversational AI

Alight transforms virtually any text/chat AI into a voice AI.

Alight Voice Wireframe

Alight Voice WIreframes let you build a production grade proof of concept in real time with the customer.

Developer Friendly

Alight relieves developers of of the tricky and tedious tasks, addresses scale and reduces project dependencies.

Client Testimonials

These Clients are getting the most from their Contact Center

We have been using Anancall since we started our program supporting Covid testing at Pearson Airport. As the program and call volumes expanded the system was easy to update including call routing, options, and destinations.

Literally a few minutes after white boarding new call paths the changes went live. We didn’t interrupt a single incoming call. Amazing!

Ian Fine — CTO 

Fio Rapid Response

COVID-19 presented an immediate and complex business challenge and phone support was only one of them. Anancall’s technology enabled us to set up a scalable support line and integrate it with our internal workflows and tools within hours! No other vendor could do that.

Yoav Raitor — CEO

Scryb AI

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