Meet Alight

With Alight, you migrate customers to Amazon Connect in record time, with a breakthrough environment and a true Agile methodology that builds customer trust from the very start.

Say hello to shorter sales cycles, dramatically faster and cheaper migrations, and happier customers.  All on a platform that makes it easy for you to sell and deliver future enhancements.

Become the Partner of Choice

Build a reputation as THE partner that can meet the Customer’s changing contact center needs.

Close More Sales, Quicker

Leverage Alight voice wireframe to give the prospect a high fidelity prototype of their final delivery and build trust. Then refine and enhance with continuous customer feedback.

Divide and Conquer

With Alight zones, each business area has their own secure virtual center. Each zone can be developed and changed without impact to the other, yet resources can be shared where desired. This dramatically reduces the “too many cooks” dependencies.

Create a Low Cost – High Value Position

With Alight actions, you can over deliver while keeping your costs down. Create new actions for new capabilities that you can reuse on subsequent engagements.

Make the Customer YOUR Partner

Say goodbye to the endless spec/signoff/scope change cycle, and have the customer as your collaborator. With Alight’s true agile, you can embrace change.

Alight is different. It’s…

Alight is built on AWS and Amazon Connect 

If you can build it in Amazon Connect, you can build it in Alight

Only faster, cheaper and with less risk

Alight is for Partners

Alight helps Partner Leadership teams build the advantages they need to be successful in a competitive and crowded market.  At the same time, Technical teams leverage Alight to build what the customer needs faster, cheaper, and with less risk.

For Senior Teams

Better Margin

Better Resource Planning

Differentiated Messaging

Win More Deals Faster

For Technical Teams

Become Agile

Move On Premise to Cloud

Meet Customer Business Needs

Simplify System Integration

Try Alight

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Client Testimonials

These Clients are getting the most from their Contact Center

We have been using Anancall since we started our program supporting Covid testing at Pearson Airport. As the program and call volumes expanded the system was easy to update including call routing, options, and destinations.

Literally a few minutes after white boarding new call paths the changes went live. We didn’t interrupt a single incoming call. Amazing!

Ian Fine — CTO 

Fio Rapid Response

COVID-19 presented an immediate and complex business challenge and phone support was only one of them. Anancall’s technology enabled us to set up a scalable support line and integrate it with our internal workflows and tools within hours! No other vendor could do that.

Yoav Raitor — CEO

Scryb AI