Alight Features

Alight is the fastest, easiest, cheapest and safest way to build and evolve an Amazon Connect based contact center.

Alight Actions

Alight Actions are Amazon Connect contact flows transformed into reusable, configurable modules. Actions perform an atomic contact center operation, and include best practices and error handling.

Alight Zones

Alight Zones are logical business oriented partitions that share the same Amazon Connect instance. Each Zone can be developed and deployed independently from the other.

Zones reduce risk, speed development and simplify testing.

Alight Rollback

Alight Rollback allows the state of the contact center to be stored and recovered at a later date. Developers can confidently make changes without risk.

You can help your customer change the contact center to meet seasonal objectives and, later, return to the original configuration.

Alight Models

Alight Models are the runtime data structures containing the configuration for a Zone. Models enable many advanced features, such as Zones, Rollback, Multi Tentanting, and Virtual Contact Centers.

Alight Voice Wireframe

Alight Voice Wireframes let you interactively build an instant proof of concept with customer stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and uncovering hidden requirements.

Alight Queues

Alight Queues transform the basic Amazon queue into powerful, feature rich enterprise queues. You can select from a range of configurable best queue practices for handling call storms, long wait times, closures, etc.

The Secret of Your Success

Combined, these features let you do things that were not easily possible before. Get out from under the monolith.

True Agile

Stop trying to apply Agile to a Waterfall project.  Run true Agile, with your customer a full partner through the journey.

Multi Tenant

Turn Amazon Connect to a multi-tenant solution to support multiple clients with a single instance.

Virtual Call

The flow of the Alight Model through Amazon Connect allows each call to behave like a virtual call center.

Worldwide Implementation

Scale Alight across a full installation with multi-language support and global queue support.

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