The Status Quo Barriers

With Amazon Connect, you build call flows using the native drag and drop editor, configuring basic function blocks and hard wiring them.

While this is the industry standard, with enterprise call flows at enterprise scale, complexity grows exponentially. The hard wiring makes it difficult to divide the work, configuration within blocks themselves prevents reusability, and the result is a highly custom monolith.

Most projects are a replacement for an existing system, and customers expect that their existing operation is minimally disrupted when the new system is deployed. Unfortunately, it’s rare that the signed off spec describes the existing system accurately, or in terms sufficient for development. This results in a complex project with many dependencies and integrations between team members. Customer verification doesn’t happen in a meaningful way until pilot, which is late to learn of spec issues. After delivery, the complexity and interconnectedness of the system discourages changes.

Alight Shows you the Way

With Alight, you supercharge your ability to execute on an Amazon Connect enterprise deployment.

We’ve removed the technical, logistic and people barriers to building a great voice or omnichannel contact center solution. Every step was examined, from determining customer requirements, to implementation, to integrating with other systems, through deployment. Every opportunity was taken to simplify and innovate the process, and to dramatically cut risk and cost.

Alight appears SO simple to experienced contact center builders that some don’t believe it’s for serious deployments. The opposite is true – the bigger, more complex your Amazon Connect project, the more you need Alight.

Your benefits continue after deployment, for the entire life of the system. The delivered system is easy to understand, and easily modified to meet new business requirements. Many changes can be safely done by operational people. And for conversational AI, there’s no better platform.

Build Reusable Actions

Your hardwired contact flows are transformed into configurable, reusable actions. These actions support a range of contact center best practice functionality and account for customer behaviors. They support multiple languages and include robust error handling.

We include production ready actions that cover 85% of contact center functionality. For the rest, you build user actions in Amazon Connect, leveraging Alight plugins that greatly simplifies integration. Your actions are reusable throughout this and other deployments.

Oh, and if the Alight supplied actions don’t do exactly what you want, feel free to modify them.

Orchestrate Your Call Flows

You configure the actions and define their sequence in the Alight editor. When you’ve built, you deploy – which creates a run-time data model for the Alight Orchestration Engine, or AOE.

That’s the “brains” behind Alight. As well as dynamically controlling the call flow, it provides a range of services that support the Actions, such as configuration retrieval, schedule management, queue support services, and more.

Virtual Contact Centers

Now, this is really cool – the model fully defines the contact center configuration and flows. A different model applied to the same Amazon Connect instance can act like a completely different contact center

The Alight Orchestration Engine selects a model at the start of every call based on line and Call ID. As a result, Amazon Connect can act like a different virtual contact center on each and every call.

Models solve a range of development and deployment issues, providing every developer with their own sandbox, supporting dev/stage/prod deployment, zero downtime deployments with rollback, and more.

The Secret Of Success

Change at the Speed of Business

The simplicity, modularity, and ease of understanding an Alight deployment removes the fear and risk that discourages changes to the deployment. Many changes can even be safely made by the operational people in a zone.

Move Smoothly to Conversational AI

Alight clearly classifies call types and captures customer requests, making it easy to select interactions to automate through conversational AI. In addition to Amazon Lex, Alight can convert chatbots to voicebots, making the world of industry expert chatbots available for your voice deployments. Intelligent transition to touch tone or live agents is available as required for struggling callers.

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