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Actions and Models

See Amazon Connect transformed into a no-code/low-code experience that lets you run truly Agile.

Alight Deploy

Learn about zero downtime deploy, instant rollback, and dev/stage/prod environments.

Always Understandable

Discover how Alight’s self-documenting models keep deployments trivial to understand regardless of scale.

Alight Queues

Find how basic Amazon Connect queues are transformed into advanced configurable enterprise queues embodying best practices.


Split the monolithic Amazon Connect deployment into business oriented, independently built, managed and secured zones.


Build for one language, support all your other languages with zero additional work.


Learn how Alight plugins dramatically streamlines integration with other platforms.

Alight Control Panel

See the Amazon Agent panel enhanced with variable display, recording control, hot links and more. 

No-Code Agent Automation

Build screen pops and agent hotlinks without code. Use filters to pinpoint the automation.

Conversational AI

Watch as Alight transforms virtually any text/chat AI into a voice AI.

Alight Voice Wireframe

Learn how Alight Voice WIreframes let you build a production grade proof of concept in real time with the customer.

Developer Friendly

See how Alight relieves developers of of the tricky and tedious tasks, addresses scale and reduces project dependencies.

Try Alight

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Try Alight Tutorial

Want to see what you can do with Try Alight? Check out our tutorial video.