Use Alight to Migrate to the Cloud

Your customers will be amazed at how quickly, efficiently and safely you move them to a cloud based solution. Use Alight to reduce your migration times and delight your customers.
  • 85% no code development and integration
  • Reusable, tested components
  • Enterprise features out of the box
Cheapest Migrations
  • Use non-coders.  Save developers for innovative, high-value work
  • Eliminate cost overruns due to requirement misunderstanding
  • Modules reusable across multiple projects
Easiest Migrations
  • Simple to use for non-techs
  • Monolith split into virtual, independent contact centers
  • Dependencies between developers simplified or eliminated
  • Run true Agile
Safest Migrations
  • “Voice wireframe” uncovers and verifies requirements
  • Every step is production ready – get customer verification throughout
  • Contact center and software best practices built in
  • Safely stage on production without taking agents down

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